My Minima build finally starts


Well I’ve been dragging the chain a bit. Delaying the start of my Minima build until I could get some of my other projects squared away. But finally I have started.

Now I just know that this will probably upset someone who started their Radio career many years ago by listening to a Realistic DX-100 HF receiver. So I’ll say sorry up front. Sorry.

But I’ve had this Realistic DX-100 kicking around for some time. It is a *very* basic HF receiver. I picked it up at a second hand store and it had a fault on one band that I could never be bothered to try and fix. Good looking radio, terrible receiver! Time passed and I came across the BitX design and I thought that this radio would make an excellent donor case for a BitX project. As it had both a large tuning knob and a fine tune control. I was just about to start building a BitX when Farhan released the design of the Minima.

I looked at the Realistic DX-100 with new ‘eyes’ and that dial window looked just about perfect for a LCD display. And it is!

So now with a quick change of direction this old receiver is destined to become a Minima!