Radio Projects for the Amateur



I guess before I move on to “blogging” about some of my own home-brew radio projects I’d best do another quick book review. Well four books in fact. And the reason for doing this up-front is because many of my personal shack projects come from one of these publications.

I’m talking about “Radio Projects for the Amateur” available in no less than four volumes. All created by Drew Diamond VK3XU. To say Drew is prolific in publishing first class radio construction articles is probably something of an understatement.

Much of the content (but by no means all) contained in these books originally appeared in “Amateur Radio” magazine. The journal of the Wireless Institue of Australia (WIA).

For a long time certain volumes were out of print and unobtainable unless you got lucky on the second hand market. At the time of writing all volumes appear to be available from the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Bookshop. I would happily encourage anyone interested in home-brewing to grab all four while they are still available. 100% pure gold!