Step one, tear it apart!


So we start by tearing the old girl apart and adding the contents therein to the junk-box collection. Never throw anything out if you can help it. This was what was inside at the start of the process.


The last photo is one of the white dial marker line removed. I didn’t want to see that in front of the LCD display. Several solvents were tried to remove it. Each with cotton wool buds. What seem to be called Q-Tips in other parts of the World. Each applied carefully to the very edge of the window so that we could see the results. In the end good old “Methylated spirits” did the job of substantially removing the white line without destroying the Perspex window.

More coming soon. Next up, my Minima logic board.

My Minima build finally starts


Well I’ve been dragging the chain a bit. Delaying the start of my Minima build until I could get some of my other projects squared away. But finally I have started.

Now I just know that this will probably upset someone who started their Radio career many years ago by listening to a Realistic DX-100 HF receiver. So I’ll say sorry up front. Sorry.

But I’ve had this Realistic DX-100 kicking around for some time. It is a *very* basic HF receiver. I picked it up at a second hand store and it had a fault on one band that I could never be bothered to try and fix. Good looking radio, terrible receiver! Time passed and I came across the BitX design and I thought that this radio would make an excellent donor case for a BitX project. As it had both a large tuning knob and a fine tune control. I was just about to start building a BitX when Farhan released the design of the Minima.

I looked at the Realistic DX-100 with new ‘eyes’ and that dial window looked just about perfect for a LCD display. And it is!

So now with a quick change of direction this old receiver is destined to become a Minima!