Work continues on the power supply.


Well another weekend of building passes. With such little time as could be devoted to the task between “life” interruptions. You will note that so eager to return to construction was I, that the work bench didn’t really get the tidy-up it urgently needed. Ah well, next time.

In the end I decided just to go ahead and complete the power supply before moving onto the radio proper. Which of course is taking much longer than expected. Here are a couple of photos of the “in progress” build of the power supply. Not yet complete but a good start. The logic board has been removed while the power supply takes shape.


I also went ahead and re-wired the ribbon cable to the logic board. So that it is now long enough to reach the new board position above the power supply. I’ve been making up ribbon cable with IDC connectors for years. And they never give me any real trouble. Until this morning that is. First attempt and no LCD display. Cable was found to have many intermittent wire faults. Any attempt to “repair” the faulty cable just seemed to make matters worse. I can normally save an IDC connector for re-use but not this time. I had to scrap the connector and start over. Second time worked a treat thank heavens. Still it wasted a good hour or two.


This last image is the front of the radio again. This time with the LCD powered up and displaying information under the control of the logic board. However the photo is very much contrived. As the logic board is simply dropped behind the front panel on a piece of insulating paper. Just to see what it would look like.

Next time. Hopefully the completion of the power supply. And maybe the start of the KISS mixer and some FET matching.